Planned litter D - Dream Babies




P+W 3


With this litter we assume a nice exterior, working / sporting abilities and solid health.

The Airlie and Wite connections perfectly complement their pedigrees. Puppies will also get back dogs that automatically move from generation to generation. The Airlie and Wita pedigrees include dogs from the well-known Australian kennel Turrella, as well as the well-known American breeders Gravans. In the generic family tree for over 3 generations, there are over 80 exams - from herding, rescue, sports cynology


Airlie is a bitch of fine skeleton, but with a spacious chest and a very balanced movement. As early as 9 months, she became Junior Champion of Croatia and Junior Sprinter Winner. That same year she finished Junior Junior and Junior. club KCHMPP. In 2017, she became the club winner of the young and she won the victory six months later and became the winner of a special club show 2018. She won a nomination for Cruft's 2018 and 2019. She has won the breed several times, not only in the Czech Republic. He is champion of Poland and this year he should finish the Czech Republic Championship. Airlie is easily trained, easy to motivate. In the past year, she passed the NHAT and HWT herding tests. This year she is waiting for her to continue.

Airlie's mother is our Boogie Cross Krumbox Czech "Boogie" (Crocco Dundee Cidabro x Eungella from the Region of Lichnice), which is an international champion of beauty, Grand Champion of the Czech Republic, Czech Champion, A, PL, SK, KCHMPP CZ, SK, Junior Champion of the Czech Republic KCHMPP. Several times national winner, winner of the Slovak club show 2015,2017, winner of a special club show of the Czech Republic. She has 7 tests from different disciplines - IHT2 TS, IHT1 TS, HWT, ZVOP, ZZO, ZOP, canisterapeutical dog. Both Boogie Parents were Rescue Dogs - Father 21 Exams and Champion and Master of Labor CR, Mother of 11 Exams.



Ailrie's father is the famous Swiss dog Silverbarn's Ulfi "Ulfi" (Gravan Silverpark Blue du Shuunka Takan x Silverbarn's Naava). Ulfi is a dog of extraordinary sporting abilities, he is the only hunter ever to be in the Swiss championship. With stunning points, he has been able to perform a very heavy test of odor work IPO - FH1. His other exams are BH1, BH2, BH3, he also ran agility and he has the A test. And there is no need for a Special Rescue Exam, which is done only in Sanitätshund in Switzerland. Ulfi has overwhelmed his many excitement and is an international champion of beauty, Champion of Switzerland, Germany VDH, Germany ACDCD, Cyprus, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan and is a Caucasian winner. Mother Ulfi - International Beauty Champion, Sanitätshund, AD and Therapeutic Dog.



Father of the D litter will be Wito Woodland Legend Estimado, a very skilled working dog of a good nature. Its main activity is the sheep herding, it really excels in this work. Has several HWT, IHT1 TS, IHT2 TS and HTADs1 tests. This year, he plans to start at several races, not only in Poland. Starting in the highest category is IHT3 TS. Wito has not only FCI grazing tests, but also herding tests according to the American Testing Code AHBA, which differ for example by a lower number of sheep. Wito is also successful on the field and is a junior champion and champion of Poland.

Father Wita is Grass Gustav Von Der Siegquelle "Gustav" (Moto Movers Light Em Up x Shaka's Treasures In Blue), which became the European Young Champion in 2005. He was also Germany's champion VDH. His two parents come from old American lines. He had a composite exam of IPO-BH. Gustav gave many great work and show offspring.



Mother Wita is Aurynn Doc Bar Domikar "Hela" (Doc Bar Cidabro x Clair Kazari Toyo Ken), which comes from Czech breed. A very sporty female, who also participated in the BO & AO championship in the Czech Republic in obedience - category OB2, where she took 1st place. She defeated several BO and AUO. Her sporting skills demonstrate the OB3, Fpr3, IPO1, BH tests. Her mother Clair has 20 tests. Brother Aurynn - Aggasi also gave training, passed 12 exams. Aurynn is also Poland's champion. Her father was successful in the exhibition world and was an international beauty champion, champion of the Czech Republic, Fin, veteran champion of the Czech Republic and club KCHMPP. He had a composite exam of ZZO. Aurynn descendants all sport / work and are in what they do.



Upon request, they will show all medical examinations and Airlie and Wito show championships


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