Boogie Cross Krumbox Czech  *BOOGIE*

Boogie is the first breeding female with IHT1 and IHT2 in the Czech Republic


Birthdate: 12.5.2012
Mother: Eungella z Kraje Lichnice
Father: Croco Dundee Cidabro
Height: 47 cm
Weight: 20kg

Teeth: scissors / full

Health tests: bilateral hearing
                     PRA-prcd N/N
                     PLL N/N
                     ED 0/0
                     HD A/A
                     DISH and SA - free
                     NCL N/N


Show:     Interchampion
              Grand Champion of Czech Republic
              Champion of Czech Republic
              Champion of Slovakia
              Champion of Austria
              Champion of Poland
              Champion ČMKU
              Junior Champion of Czech Republic
              Club champion Czech Republic
              Club champion Slovakia
              Club junior champion
              qualify for Crufts 2017 !
              National winner
              Winner of special club show
              Winner club show Slovakia 2015, 2016

  3x CAJC
19x CAC
  4x CAC SK
  3x res. CAC SK
  4x CACA
  2x CWC
  1x CAC VDH (club show, champion class - Carol Beckett)
  4x CACIB
  6x res. CACIB
  3x CC (Certifikáte Club)
  2x Best Female PL
  6x Class winner
  4x Regional winner
  1x Winner special show
  3x National winner
  2x Club winner
  3x BOJ
  5x BOS
  9x BOB

Exam: canistherapy dog
           ZOP / obedience
           ZZO / obedience
           HIT / herding
           HWT - 91b. - excellent
           IHT1 - 66b. / 88% - excellent
           IHT2 TS - 96b. - excellent
           Quali in IHT3 TS !


Racing:3.11.2018 Herding Libušín - IHT2 TS - 2. place / 3
             7.10.2018 Herding Martínkovice - IHT2 TS - 3. place / 12
             22.9.2018 Racing obedience Staropacký pohár - ZZO 4. place / 9
             26.8.2018 Herding Martínkovice - IHT2 TS - 1. place / 6
             25.8.2018 Farm racing- 5. místo / 7
             19.8.2018 BBB Herding Cup - IHT2 TS / 4
               1.5.2018 Racing obedience Městec Králové - ZZO / 10
                3.6.2017 Kostelecký obedience racing ZZO / 7
              20.5.2017 Racing obedience Městec Králové - ZZO1 / 7
                5.7.2016 International racing Hronov - ZZO / 14
              18.6.2016 Novohradecký racing ZZO - / 10


Boogie father Croco Dundee Blue Cidabro became Champion CR Rescue Dogs 2008 + 2010 champion Czech Labour rescue dogs, winner of the Czech Cup Rescue Dogs 2006 Championship ZP 2006 - 3rd place and Cup of the President (ZZP C) 2009 - 1st place. Exams FPr 2, RH-E, RH-FL A, RH-L A, RH-T A, RH-T B, ZLP 1, ZOP, ZPJ, ZVP (C), ZVP 2, ZZP 3, ZZS 1, ZZZ.

Boogie mother Eungella z Kraje Lichnice is also very capable of working female, which can boast of such trials .: ZZZ, RH-E, ZLP1, RH-TA, RH-TB, or ZZP2 ZTV1.


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Litter - A, B

resize-img 23722102_10208983653983122_413392908_n 



DSC_0740 DSC_1018 DSC_1019

DSC_1004 DSC_1005 DSC_1006


Boogie pedigree

boogie pedigee