Litter A - Amazing girls

On 21.10.2016 were born 3 females.



                Australia Ulfi Celirboo Village          Airlie Ulfi Celirboo Village         Allambee Ulfi Celirboo Village

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Puppies will be suitable for sports and exhibitions - Boogie show successes, here Boogie Cross Krumbox Czech . Ulfi show and examination achievements can be found here - Silverbarn's Ulfi .

Boogie is a cheerful girl who is full of energy. It is very fixated on his family. Fulfill all I can think of. Very happy to learn new things, he has four exams ZOP and ZZO - obedience and also canistherapy dog, which demonstrates its friendly nature. Boogie also has a talent for herding, very much like the sheep, these talents has confirmed exam HIT. It's a bitch of a typical exterior, which show her exhibition successes, never had a worse mark than excellent. Boogie is Junior Champion, Club Junior Champion, Champion CZ, A and ČMKU, Club Champion and Grand Champion of the Czech Republic. Boogie is also an aspirant for Interchampion.

Boogie father Croco Dundee Blue Cidabro became Champion CR Rescue Dogs 2008 + 2010, champion Czech Labour rescue dogs, winner of the Czech Cup Rescue Dogs 2006, Championship ZP 2006 - 3rd place and Cup of the President (ZZP C) 2009 - 1st place. Tests FPr 2, RH-E, RH-FL A, RH-L A, RH-T A, RH-T B GCHR 1 ZOP, RRS, SEN (C), SEN 2 ZZP 3 EMS 1 ZZZ .

Boogie mother Eungella z Kraje Lichnice is also very capable of working female, which can boast of such trials .: ZZZ, RH-E, ZLP1, RH-TA, RH-TB, or ZZP2 ZTV1.


Ulfi dog is extraordinary looks and talent. He has a great character and drive, I like to learn new things and works reliably. Its owner does what her eyes see are very well coordinated team. Ulfi is very gifted in sports cynology has several exams - BH1, BH2 and BH3, also has a test A - agility, unfortunately, his owner had health reasons to quit the sport. Ulfi was nominated to BH3 to the Swiss championship, is also the first Australian cattle dog, which was nominated for the Swiss championship. Ulfi is also Sanitätshund - special rescue work, performed only in Switzerland. He likes people and has no problem with different environments. Its extraordinary exteriors suggest championships - Ulfi is an international champion, is also a champion of Switzerland, Germany VDH, Germany ACDCD, Cyprus, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan and the Caucasus winner. Ulfi BH3 - video . Ulfi agility LA - video .

Ulfi ofather is Gravan Silverpark Blue du Shuunka Takan (Turrella Blue Sky x Gravans Silverpark Soul Sista )

Ulfi mother's Silverbarn Naava which is an international champion, is also a champion of Switzerland, Germany VDH and Veteran Champion of Switzerland and Europe. Naava, like her son Ulfi - Sanitätshund. Also he has an endurance test AD.

Upon request, show all the medical examinations and assessments show Boogie and Ulfi .


Ulfi photo

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 Boogie and Ulfi


Pedigree - click



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8. weeks

1. Australia Ulfi


2. Airlie Ulfi


3. Allambee Ulfi