Puppies will be suitable for sports and exhibitions - Boogie show and test achievements can be found here - Boogie Cross Krumbox Czech. Alinga HogWild reads more on Alinga website.

Boogie is a cheerful female who is full of energy. She is very fixed to her family. It will do all I can remember. She is very happy to learn new things, she has seven tests ZOP and ZZO - obedience and is also a canisterapeutic dog, which proves her friendly nature. Boogie is also a gift to herding, very fond of herding sheep, these talents are confirmed by the HIT test. Gradually, she worked in grazing and the HWT work trial and started racing and composing trials IHT1 and IHT2 will now compete in the highest IHT3 category. She is the bitch of a typical exterior, which proves her show successes, never got worse than excellent. Boogie is a junior champion of the Czech Republic, club junior champion, champion Czech Republic, ČMKU and Austria, Slovakia, Poland, club champion and also grand champion of the Czech Republic. Boogie is also an international champion.

Boogie's father, Croco Dundee Blue Cidabro "Cross"( Windwarrior's Flying Force x Bushranger's Celtic Queen ), the Champion of Rescue Dogs Champion, Czech Champion of Rescue Dogs 2006, Czech Championship ZP 2006 - 3rd place, Champion of Rescue Dogs 2008 + 2010, Bushranger's Celtic Queen, President's Cup (ZZP C) 2009 - 1st place. Exams FPr 2, RH-E, RH-FL A, RH-L A, RH-T A, RH-T B, ZLP 1, ZOP, ZPJ, ZVP (C), ZVP 2, ZZP 3, ZZS 1, ZZZ.


Boogie's mother Eungella from the Lichnice Region (Windwarrior's Blue Cidabro and Bareira Vermilion z Kraje Lichnice) is also a very capable female bitch that can boast tests such as: ZZZ, RH-E, ZLP1, RH-TA, RH-TB, ZZP2 or ZTV1.


Father C the litter will be Alinga HogWild, a dog with an excellent exterior, which confirms 23 championships in 7 states. Repeatedly he became a dog of the year in Slovakia - SKJ and KCHMPP SK. He also managed to become the winner of the show not only as an adult, but also as a young dog.
Alinga is a very gifted working dog, and it was this year that he managed to get up to the highest category in three upcoming trials, namely IHT3 and always with a good mark. In both categories, IHT1 and IHT2 were the first in the trial. This year he also passed the international examination in the BH / VT sports cynology, again with a good mark, where only 2 points from the full number.

Alingy's father is imported from Australia by the Czech champion Heelersridge Working Class Man "Hero" (Heelersridge Hobart x Heelersridge Wild Wattle). Many successful dogs come from this well-known kennel. Hero passed the test of talent from the HIT grazing. She still actively wives the sheep. Hero lives on a ranch.


Alingy's mother is Timber For Cinderella's Ranch Diamantina Force "Timber" (Duwest Bubba Magnet x Bluebird des Poenjaap) imported from Poland. Timber's father was a multiple champion of several states. Timber inherited the attractive color and passed it on to the offspring. Timber's mother comes from a recognized Belgian kennel.



Upon request, I will show all medical examinations and Boogie and Alinga show championships. By joining Alinga and Boogie we build on the litter and A litter.


Alinga photos:





It was a mating! December 19, 2018 we were covered in Slovakia. This is why we want to thank Lee and Sam for the opportunity to have such an exceptional dog in their line.