Best Girl of Boogie Celirboo Village  *LIMČA*


Birthdate: 21.12.2017

Mother: C.I.B. Boogie Cross Krumbox Czech

Father: AOM/GCH/CH Cynlee's Dreams Come True at Lonespur

Height:  cm

Váha:  kg

Teeth: scissors

Health tests: bilateral hearing

                    PRA-prcd N/N

                    PLL N/N



20.10.2018 Club dog show Mladá Boleslav - O. Dolejšová CZ - junior cl. - Excellent 2

6.10.2018 International dog show České Budějovice - Ž. Lozić SRB - junior cl. - Excellent 2

4.8.2018 Regional dog show Kladno - K. Hořák CZ - vl. puppy - Very promising 1

17.6.2018 Regional club show Jedovnice - Vl. Kukla CZ - cl. minor puppy - Very promising 2

12.5.2018 Regional show Hradec Králové - G. Robak PL - minor puppy cl. - Very promisig 1

8.5.2018 Regional show Mladá Boleslav - Vl. Kukla CZ - minor puppy cl. - Very promising 1

28.4.2018 Special club show Mladá Bolslav - A. Polgar RS - minor puppy cl. - Very promising 1, Best Puppy, MINOR PUPPY BIS1 


Exam: NHAT - Excellent


Best mother is our international and grand champion Boogie Cross Krumbox Czech, she is a bitch of extraordinary exteriors, the exhibition always scored excellently and only twice left of a titleless circle. Boogie is a multiple show champion, she has become a champion of the club and ČMKU, is repeatedly the winner of the Slovak Club Show and the winner of the Czech Special Club Show. She has repeatedly become the national winner, the winner of the breed and the best female of the breed. She is very happy to cooperate and loves obedience from which she has two exams and is preparing for another, her second race in second place, also occupied 1st place in the high competition of German shepherds. Boogie has the open nature with which she uses to my side for occasional work with people for whom she has a certificate and a composite test of a canisterapeutical dog. Boogie also confirmed her talent for working with sheep by testing her talents and is currently the first and only breeding female to have the IHT1 trial.


His father is an American grandchampion and champion Cynlee's Dreams Come True at Lone Spur, a Texas based in the USA. He is also champion of Luxembourg and Benelux winner 2017, nominated for Cruft's for 2018. True is the son of the Australian champion Landmaster Kingcreole, whose line counts the most successful dogs in the show world. True is a dog with a very nice nature and a beautiful strong skeleton.


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