Welcome to kennel Celirboo Village



We are a small kennel, which was founded in the beginning of 2016.

We breed still not widespread, therefore, had numerous breed Australian Cattle Dog.

Our target is to breed dogs with show and sport - working ambitions. We would like to preserve the breed standard exterior, ability to work and last but not least the best of health.


In our kennel we have five dogs, two females and one male ACD, and two small rescued mixbreeds female. At home, live with us four of them, the youngest female herder is co-owned and living with their second owner.


 Plans for 201912366356_10204555435640431_199990515686880122_n

With Boogie, we want to sport this year - racing in sports cynology and herding, new examinations. Like last year, we want to focus mainly on herding - this year in the highest IHT3 category.

With Iro we plan to pass herding exams.

With Airlie, we are planning to finish the Czech Champion, ČMKU Champion, Grand Champion this year, and if we finish the club champion. This year Pinky awaits more herding.

S Best Girl is planning this year to be Junior Champion of the Czech Republic and the Club. Develop champion of the Czech Republic. And pass the HWT and IHT1 herding tests.

We also plan to participate in the Australian Herding Cup, where ACD, AKE and AUO will race.





Boogie became the first breeding female with IHT1 and IHT2 in the Czech Republic! Qualified to the highest IHT3 category!


  Actual Litter



P+W 3



Special club show KCHMPP CZ

judge: Otakar Vondrouš CZ

Best Girl of Boogie Celirboo Village WHT, NHAT
junior class - Excellent 1, CAJC, BOJ
junior special club show winner

CH, MJCH Airlie Ulfi Celirboo Village HWT, NHAT
winner class - Excellent 1, CAC




IDS České Budějovice

judge: Lozić Željko SRB

Best Girl of Boogie Celirboo Village HWT, NHAT
junior class - Excellent 1, CAJC, BOJ

CH, MJCH Airlie Ulfi Celirboo Village HWT, NHAT
open class - Excellent 1, CAC




Blue X-Ray

Blame it on Boogie Celirboo Village 
ED 0
OCD free
DISH & SA free

Thanks for the great news to owner Sabina. And much congratulations!




Almost 24 hours after surgery.
Boogie is much better. We were in control in the morning. He wants to drink a lot, but it wasn't possible because of a cut on his stomach. Today he can drink 2 tablespoons in 30 minutes. We have to slow. If he can handle it, he can get a larger amount in the afternoon - 1dcl.
We got a drip with nutrition at home. When everything is good, tomorrow he can start eating slowly - a snack. And from Saturday, diet cans.
He receives an antibiotic injection and a pain injection. Check again tomorrow morning.




Boogie's after surgery. She ate a piece of collar. It was connected to 2 parts. Part was in the small intestine and part was in the stomach.
She started vomiting on Monday afternoon. She vomited in the morning, so we went to the vet. She got an injection against vomiting. And if she vomited, come again. She vomited, we went to the vet, we did other tests - blood, where there were inflammatory markers, ultrasound and x-ray, there were only inflammatory sites. She was injected with antibiotics. And in the morning to check. She vomited again, the color and smell changed. She went to surgery right in the morning.
Now it will be 3 days on the drips. And from tomorrow he can drink water slowly.

56757277_10211719970949336_3258891914279124992_n 1



Because we like challenges, we drove a day after traveling to Ostrava for herding tests.

  Dajavera - Načešice
judge: Daniela Rájová

Best Girl of Boogie Celirboo Village - 15 months old
HWT TS - 86p / 100p - Very Good




National Dog Show Ostrava CZ
Best Girl of Boogie Celirboo Village - Limča
judge: Mgr. Božena Ovesná
junior class - Excellent 2


On the way from Ostrava, Limča and I went to see Gina (Bestie of Boogie Celirboo Village), which had a strong stomach and intestinal inflammation in March. The treatment was lengthy and very demanding, Gina lost a third of her weight - she is usually more powerful than Limča. Now she is getting back in shape and the joy of life is not missing.

I thank Michaela and Tomáš for great care of her!




We herding, we herding. With Limča, we are preparing for the HWT exam.
Because Pinky lives nearby, we went to see her.




Limča again improved, the tracker is due to possible correction of commands. Next time we'll handle it without her. He learns very quickly.




Yesterday herding sheep at Eva in Ješín.
Limča is still making progress. There are a lot of shortcomings, but they correspond to its level and age. She is working with her overall.




Blue passed BH today!
Great work of Sabina and Blue <3
15 months old




Little Celinka has care from all sides. She takes care of her mother Boogie and half-sister Limča.




Unfortunately, Boogie has lost milk and so we feed artificial milk. Limča is supervising.



Who knows us for a long time, so he knows that our first hunt was Celine - she was a confident bitch with whom she was still fun and she was still the great hard chase. Therefore our C female inherits her name.
And because the little ones got their start - basically 2x (originally had 3 siblings - what we do not know, the body is absorbed during pregnancy), so its the other half is just the victory.



Cute Girl is here ! 

Cute girl


We are happy to announce that Boogie is pregnant and expected litter C will be born at the end of February. We look forward to the small puppies from this connection.



At the end of 2018 we were in Alinga for mating in Slovakia. Everything went the way it was and we hope to succeed.




Years 2018

Allambee Ulfi Celirboo Village
- racing BH1 - 1. pl

Airlie Ulfi Celirboo Village 
Club Junior champion 
Poland champion
Winner speciality club show 2018
Regional winner
National winner
res. CACIB 
4x BOB
2x Best female
Quali Cruft's 2019
- exams NHAT a HWT

Best Girl of Boogie Celirboo Village 
2x very promising1
very promising 2
2x excellent 2
winner junior class 1
- exam NHAT

Bestie of Boogie Celiboo Village 
very promising 3

Blame it on Boogie Celirboo Village 
2x very promising 1

mom Boogie 
Poland champion 
- racing ZZO 2.pl, ZZO 5. pl
- trial IHT1 - 6. pl
- trial IHT2 - 3. pl, 1. pl, 3. pl, 2. pl
- farm racing- 5.pl

Thank you very much, I'm proud of you



Year 2015 - 2017