Planning in 2019:


CIB GCH MCH JCH Boogie Cross Krumbox Czech IHT2, IHT1, HWT, ZOP, ZZO, CT    X   ???



MJCH Airlie Ulfi Celirboo Village NHAT     X   ???



A - Amazing girls - 21.10.2016

B - Best girls - 21.12.2017


Puppies are bred in a family environment, in a pack of dogs and cats. They socialized, accustomed to the usual sound and well nourished. Puppies go to their new homes - vaccinated, wormed, microchipped with petpassem and BAER test.

We welcome prospective owner is interested in sports, exhibition and breeding. With all pleased to advise you. We require lifelong contact with the owners!





Before the birth of puppies creating the so-called list of candidates, which means that you write the order of candidates and their ideas about the puppy. According to the order requirements and urge candidates to the selection of a suitable puppy for them. Interested parties are kept informed about all major news as it develops puppies already during pregnancy.

After the birth of puppies require a deposit of candidates. The deposit is 30% of the purchase price of puppies. With this advance, we pledge that you have booked the puppy will be sold to someone else, and for us it is a certainty that the puppy you are really interested.

In case of cancellation by the buyer, this advance IRREVERSIBLE! In the event that cancellations will be on our side, the deposit is of course fully refundable.