JCH CZ & HR, club junior winner Airlie Ulfi Celirboo Village

Airlie is co-owned

16 mes

Birthdate: 21.10.2016

Mother: Boogie Cross Krumbox Czech

Father: Silverbarn's Ulfi (Swiss, ICH, MCH, BH1, BH2, BH3, A, Sanitätshund)

Height: 44 cm

Weight: 19 kg

Teeth: scissors / all teeth

Health tests: bilateral hearing

                    PRA-prcd N/N

                    PLL N/N

                    ED 0/0

                    HD A/A

                    DISH a SA - free

                    NCL - N/N (free) - by parents

Show: Junior champion of Czech Republic (12 months)

           Junior champion of Croatia (9 months)

            Junior champion of club (18 months)

           Junior Split Winner (9 months)

           Junior club winner 2017

           Winner special club show 2018

           Quali Cruft's 2018

          BABY BIS3

          2x National winner

          Regional winner

          2x Best Bitch

          3x BOB

          1x BOS

          5x BOJ


20.10.2018 Club dog show Mladá Boleslav - O. Dolejšová - cl. winner - Excellent 3

6.10.2018 International dog show České Budějovice - L. Željko SRB - intermediate cl. - Excellent 1, CAC, CAC ČMKU, CACIB, BOB, Quali Cruft's 2019

8.9.2018 International dog show Kolobřeh - Andrzej Szutkiewicz PL - intermediate cl. - Excellent 1, CWC, res. CACIB

1.9.2018 National dog show Olomouc - Fr. Šimek CZ - cl. winner - Excellent 1, CAC, National winner, BOB

14.7.2018 National dog show Mladá Boleslav - K. Hořák CZ - cl. winner - Excellent 1, CACNational winner, BOS

18.6.2018 Regional club show Jedovnice - Kukla CZ - cl. winner - Excellent 1, Class winner

12.5.2018 Regional show Hradec Králové - G. Robak PL - intermediate cl. - Excellent 1, Class winner, Regional winner

28.4.2018 Special club show Ml. Boleslav - A. Polgar - intermediate cl. - Excellent 1, CAC, Winner special club show, BOS

24.3.2018 NDS Walzbrych - A. Zamoyski PL - intermediate cl. - Excellent 1, CWC, Best Bitch, BOB

11.3.2018 NDS Jelenia Góra - G. Robak PL - intermediate cl. - Excellent 1, CWC, Best Bitch, BOB

11.11.2017 World Dog Show Leipzig (Germany) - András Korózs HUN - junior cl. - Excellent (from 15)

5.11.2017 IDS Praha - Lozic Željko SRB - junior cl. - Excellent 1, JCAC

4.11.2017 IDS Praha - Wauben John NL - junior cl. - Very good 2

21.10.2017 Club show Mladá Boleslav - Milivoje Urosevic SRB - junior cl. - Excellent 1, JCAC, BOJ, JUNIOR CLUB WINNER

12.8.2017 IDS Mladá Boleslav - Jochen H. Eberhardt D - junior cl. - Excellent 1, JCAC, Quali Cruft's 2018

30.7.2017 IDS Split - Sanja Vreteničić ME - junior cl. - Excellent 1, Best Junior, BOJ, Junior Split Winner

29.7.2017 NDS Split - Olga Kupryanova Šinko SLO - junior cl. - Excellent 1, Best Junior, BOJ

28.7.2017 IDS Split - Stelios Makaritis GR - junior cl. - Excellent 1, Best Junior, BOJ

27.7.2017 NDS Split - Michael Leonard IE - junior cl. - Excellent 1, Best Junior, BOJ

13.5.2017 RDS Hradec Králové - Mudra Antonín CZ - baby cl. - Very promising 1, cl. winner, 3. place BEST BABY IN SHOW !!!

29.4.2017 RDCS Dětřichov - Ladislav Kukla CZ - baby cl. - Very promising 2



Exam: NHAT (herding)


Airlie mother is our international and grand champion Boogie Cross Krumbox Czech, it's a bitch extraordinary exteriors, show always graded excellent and only 2 left the ring without a title. Boogie is a multiple show champion, became the champion club and ČMKU, is the winner of Slovak club exhibition and winner of Czech special club shows. Repeatedly he became the national champion, race winner and best bitch breed. Very happy to cooperate with and loves obedience of which have 2 exams and preparing for the next, now in its second race of the 2 nd place. Boogie has an open nature with you by my side used for occasional work with people for whom the certificate and passed an examination canisterapeutic dog. Boogie also confirmed talent for working with sheep and is now the first breeding female with the IHT1 and IHT2 test..

Father is an international champion and multiple champion Silverbarn's Ulfi, who is from Switzerland. Ulfi is a very talented dog, labor and exterior. Ulfi is champion of several countries. Its main activity is the Swiss BH3, in which he got as a single Drover to the very championship Switzerland. It also sanitätshund - these are special rescue work to be performed only in Switzerland. Previously, he ran competitively, agility, and of which the exam, unfortunately due to health problems with his owner had to quit the sport. Ulfi and his owner Conny your amazing couple and their cooperation is a joy to behold. Ulfi now has a new test and the FH1 smell test.

DSC_005714729376_10206416423123955_495488122136219963_n14590465_10206430634519231_8180471563940316364_nDSC_037514915258_10206476642069391_210512165547272210_n14947632_10206518579277795_2532088687675038121_nDSC_107815442317_10206836209818360_7807885264544201741_nDSC_049115578766_10206836223898712_1537042109473094022_nDSC_081315230656_10206667126111373_6120687326959828430_n15390886_1855014858061007_1794278814294973344_n15442305_1827003007574596_4215171024575820342_n16265977_10207112218158396_5718458096667262675_n16178428_10207112125796087_3601699969298615706_oDSC_0632DSC_0652DSC_088118425305_10207827879249476_4745545929373370876_n21430345_10208615445738146_8977957478239067669_n21430527_1989740091255149_7463144238944146978_nDSC_073922552509_1438150086283985_4293657049374396541_n22552511_10208832465003492_3311271485568396153_n 117 mes15109363_10211202687005939_2305265255290457912_nklubovka

29101510_10209683821926883_179148248466849792_n<- 16 months

23316359_10208915751925613_5332608284251864934_nstazeny soubor<- 12 months

18198333_1328750027180671_4510393686769318562_n 118195072_1327742953948045_8822046644370639900_n<- 6 months