21.12.2017 4 females were born, one unfortunately died at birth, we represent litter B - Best Girls



                Best Girl of Boogie Celirboo Village    Bestie of Boogie Celirboo Village  Blame it on Boogie Celirboo Village

                        27971829_10209492058252911_4873694555389066703_n        DSC_0405kopie         DSC_0495kopie


1. female - Best Girl of Boogie

DSC_0012kopieLimca 7 t1. 46. denLimca profi1. 28. den1. 22. dnu1. 14.dnu1. 7. denDSC_0264kopie

2. female - Bestie of Boogie (slang Best Friend, BFF)

DSC_0080DSC_0405kopie2. 46. denGina2. 28. den2. 22. dnu2. 14. dnu2. 7. denDSC_0277kopie

3. female - Blame It on Boogie

DSC_0585DSC_0495kopie3. 46. denBlue3. 28. den3. 22. dnu3. 14. dnu3. 7. denDSC_0282kopie

4. female - Beautiful Angel of Boogie





October 18, 2017 we were mating in the Netherlands, where is now True, which comes from the United States of America. I thank Leisel Moseley for all the help she has done for us.

True, it's only for a year. I am very happy to have been able to make this exceptional connection between two old Australian lines - Pavesi and Landmaster.







AOM/GCH/CH Cynlee's Dreams Come True at Lonespur


sir: Aust CH/CH Landmaster Kingcreole

dam: Shallazar's Dream Machine

shows: Grandchampion USA

              Champion USA

              Champion Lucemburska

              Benelux Winner NL 2017

              Quali Cruft's 2018

healthy: DKK - Good

           DLK - 0/0

           PRA -prcd - N/N

           PRA - rcd4 - N/N

           PLL - N/N

           BAER - +/+

           DISH / spondylose - fre 2017

           full teeth/ scissor bite

True, he devoted himself actively to grazing at home in Texas.